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Reacji Channeler machine

Introducing the

Add a reacji (emoji reaction) to a message to send it zipping through the microscopic pipelines inside Slack, popping out into another channel — where the right people can see and act upon it.

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Whatever workflow you have, the Reacji Channeler can make it easier. Here are a few of our favorites — and a few custom emoji you can upload to try them out!

Reacji Channeler example

Let the record show

Automatically send any messages with
a certain emoji (mayhaps a Gavel emoji ) to
the #decisions channel. In one shot,
you’ve got a record of all decisions
made, in one easily readable place.

Reacji Channeler example

Celebrate team wins

Did your team do something great
this week? See (and celebrate) any
messages that have inspired a
Raised hands emoji reacji gathered together in
a #kudos channel.

Reacji Channeler example

Get customer feedback
to the right people

Say a customer writes in with an
invoicing problem — send the message
about it to your #accounts team with
a simple Money bag emoji reacji.

Reacji channeler example

Keep your
hunger in check

Send messages with the Pizza emoji reacji to
the #free-food channel so you always
know when there’s food for grabs (and
stop doing laps of the office hoping to
find it).


How to setup the
Reacji Channeler


Step 1

Install the Reacji
Channeler by clicking the
Add to Slack button

Add to Slack

Step 2

Set rules for which reacji should send
messages to which channel using this
slash command:

/reacji-channeler :bulb: #ideas

From now on, each time someone uses
the :bulb: reacji, that message will
get shared to an #ideas channel.

Step 3

React to some messages
using :bulb: and watch the
magic happen. Sparkle emoji

Light bulb emoji

  • Gavel emoji

    Create a record of final decisions with :gavel:

  • Airhorn emoji

    Track funny jokes with :airhorn:

  • Pizza emoji

    Help spread the word about :freefood:

  • Paper emoji

    Keep your company in the know with :news:

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